FRIGID by Rosa Bowden

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FRIGID by Rosa Bowden
1pm Starring Rosa Bowden
BEWLEY'S CAFE THEATRE in association with Rosa Bowden is proud to present...

THE WINNER OF THE LITTLE GEM AWARD! And nominated for Best New Play and Best Performer at the Dublin Fringe Festival 2022

FRIGID Written and performed by Rosa Bowden

Directed by Hildegard Ryan Sound design and DJing by Ciaran Gallagher



Niamh O'Reilly is still a fridget - she's never been kissed - and at 14, she'd want to hurry up.

Lucky for Niamh that's about to change, because tonight her girl gang are on a mission to get her to score - whether she wants to or not. Set in 2007 - when feminism wasn't hip and consent was just a form you got your parents to sign to get you out of PE - this is a coming of age comedy about frenemies, first times and figuring it out. Lash on some SunShimmer, pop your collar and pucker up for a nerve-wracking trip down memory lane.

'In no time Bowden has you eating out of her hand, serving up a one woman performance of utter charm' The Arts Review

'Writer-performer Rosa Bowden is all the character, ripping it along to deliciously create the innocence and discovery and fun - and mortification and terror and bullying - that is puberty'The Irish Times

From March 6th, with a SOIREE PERFORMANCE at 7pm on Thursday, March 16th, 2023

Lighting Design: Shane Gill Producer: Joseph Murphy




Opens March 8th (previews 6th & 7th) and plays until March 25th, 2023 NOTE: NO SHOW ON ST. PATRICK'S DAY, MARCH 17th. There will be an SOIREE SHOW at 7pm on March 16th, 2023. Mon-Sat at 1pm (doors open at 12.50pm) Tickets: Low-price Mon/Tues 10e, Wed/Thurs 12e, Fri/Sat 15e. SOIREE Tickets : 12e DURATION: 50 minutes


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